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Pamplona and the Nudes

Well then seems I managed some half decent sleep so lets see whats happened since my last major update.

Monday the 3rd we checked out Gaudi´s Parc Guëll. Very crazy man he is but a rather impressive park. Took a few neat pics and then head back to the hostel. Did the old cheap pasta meal with a couple brews. Went for a late night walk onlong the shore and checked out the really bad monday night life. Made it an early night as had to get up for the bus to pamps in the morning.

Tuesday morning. Up early and on the Metro to meet up with a bunch of people headed to pamps. 90% were Spanish but there were a few others including a couple american, an aussie and a brazillian girl that spoke english. Got to the camp ground and helped out a bit setting up food for the 800+ people that were there. Then handed out white undies for those that needed them... was an experience handeling all them thongs and ugly man pants :P

Wednesday morning. On the buses to pamps and down to where the bull runs start. Everyone stripped off to their tighty whities some further than others (oh dear). Was a great laugh and good fun. Walking through the streets surrounded by half naked cheering shouting poeple. Just found that I appear in the background of one of the pics on the website http://runningofthenudes.com/photos.asp#2006 the last pic in the 2006 series I am just under the guys elbow with my hat on :)
Wednesday arvo was wondering Pamplona. Wednesday was a big after party at the camp pub. I purchased a cheap bottle of red and knocked that back add a bit of sangria and I was well drunk (once again). The night turned out to be a very interesting one and I got very little sleep. The sleep that I did get was uncomfortable but still it was good fun.

Thursday was recovery day. Slept most of it until the evening when had a little bit of fun at the bar and down in the tents.

Friday was the interesting bus ride to Madrid. New bunch of people to meet on the bus. They were all nice people and a couple spoke english. Went to a vegan restaurant when we got dropped off. The bus ride was rather interesting the driver appeared to be very hung over and was late picking us up. His bag went out the window and we stopped suddenly to see him running back down the road to get it. When we hit town we were reversing back down streets and all sorts as the driver had no idea where to find the place to drop us off. Eventually got here to the hostel where I met a bloke I met in Copenhagen. Headed out to a couple bars but I was really tired so I came back here and wrote that little update below.

I have updated my Barcelona post to include info I forgot to add and next I am off to find a USB internet cafe.

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AAAARRRGGHHHH!! too much benjamin for my liking! aaargghhh
Ryan - 11 07 06 - 13:23

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