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29 March 06 - 17:36I'm in London Still...

That song was on in the hostel the other day... was rather funny...

Anyway. Yesterday was spent just walking around. Was good though. Saw a bunch of paintings at the national gallery, had a squirrel climb on me (arm and leg), got rained on and got hailed on.

Today will be a day on the tube. Much less walking.

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27 March 06 - 21:39Back in London - ReCap

OK. Finally at a net place with USB access that works on my camera and my ipod. Uploading some photos of the last week right now. I have a lot more of them but I'll just pur up a selection.

The trip was great (As you can see by my previous post on Thursday Night). I'll see how much I can remember and do a recap:

Day1: Wild and Sexy Haggis Bus blew a air suspension thingy in Marlborough and we had to hang around there for close to 2 hours. We did manage to see the Uffington White Horse... well... a bit of it... We got the new bus and went to Avebury and then Bath. Spent the night in Bath.

Day2: Photos of the border between Wales and England. Then visited The Big pit. A Coal mine so named for its big shaft (its true). We then went to Hay on Wye (a town known for its books on the border of Wales and England) we found a place with great soup for lunch. We then went to the middle of no where for a night in a farm stay B&B thing. Was a great night as the Americans cooked up the food on the piss poor BBQ. While the Aussies stayed inside and did the other stuff. The night carried on to getting very drunk and playing Yahtzee and cards. And Tyson (one of the yanks) threw up (he was sharing a bottle of beam with me).

Day3: Drove through Snowdonia and visited the town with one of the longest names around. We then paid a visit to Conway. Great place! Castle and walled town. Have some great pictures. From there we went on to the Lake District. Played some frizbee and then stayed in a hostel in Ambleside and ate 99p pizzas.

Day4: The Drive to Scotland. Stopped at some waterfall place. Then onto Hadrians Wall. Then border pics on the edge of Scotland and then had a quick photo stop at Jedburgh Abbey. Then into Edinburgh for the night you can see the result of in the post below.

Day5: Recovery. Also went to Edinburgh Castle in the Afternoon. Didn't do much else. Walked around a bit. Took some photos and some Panadol.

Day6: Off to York and stopped and saw a field on the way... There was a battle there... Quite some time ago... Something about Flodden. :) Stayed in a friary in Beverley. Was a quiet night of sober games but was a good one.

Day7: Sherwood Forest! and Strathford-upon-Avon (The birthplace of Shakespeare) then the drive into London.

Staying at Wake Up London for the week until Saturday when I fly out to Munster to meet Sjoerd :) Can't Wait. This week will be walking and visiting free stuff in London. Kate is also at Wake Up London so I have someone to spend my time with.

Photos are up :)

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24 March 06 - 08:29Red Red Wine

0023 - Sitting in St Christophers Inn In Edinburgh - Pissed.

Kate says Hi! :)

Umm... Right. Last few days have been Great! Monday = Broken down bus in Molborgh (maybe) then eventually onto Bath. Got some piccies of the Roman Bath and stuff. Tuesday = Wales and staying at some farm place. Was great as we got drunk and played games. We rock at Yahtzee! :P (what is a low straight?) Wednesday = Lake District and 99p Pizza. Thursday... (Now) = TRASHED. In SCOTLAND!!! FREEEDOMMMMM!!!!!!! (Woo for Braveheart!)

Lots and Lots of photos on my Camera but I need to find a place with USB access. Will see what happens tomorrow. However Right now im completely drunk on Red Wine. (Kate's Fault) First time ever being pissed on red wine and i've had about a bottle. Kate has had way more then a bottle and is well off her tit/s.

Yes. Anyway I'm paying 5p a minute here and its late and I shall share. So Bye for now :)

ps. Thanks for the comments guys! Keep them coming :D

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20 March 06 - 05:18Tower and Bridge

Well another eventful day of walking and seeing and picture taking.

I was going to go straight to Camden Town to check out the markets but the Local underground station was packed so I walked down Bayswater Road and Park Lane and found myself at Buckingham Palace once again. I must have had one of them subconcious things going on because I managed to catch the Changing of the Guards. Got some neat pics and a mini movie so it was great.

I then caught the tube to Camden Town. Its mad out there I tell you! Mad!  So many people and so many shops/stalls. Mum would love it but it wasn't really my thing. Not really here for shopping. Don't have the bagspace or the money for the matter. Was still interesting to see Londons crazy marketplaces though.

Caught the tube from Camden Town to London Bridge Station. Found the Bridge. Tooks some Photos. As you do :)

I then went and bought a ticket into the Tower of London (I've been using my old Curtin Uni Student card to get student entry prices... I knew I went to uni for a reason :P). Followed of the guide guy and listened to the stories. It was great! Got to see the crown jewels and a bunch of medievil swords/armour/guns. Spent so long in that place. Got back to the hostel around 1730 (I left at 1000).

My legs/feet are killing me :) but its all good. I leave tomorrow for the 7 day tour around the UK. Wales/Scotland. Should be great.

More photos are up.  And my time at the cafe is running out. :)

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18 March 06 - 17:55Monopoly!

It's all I keep thinking about. Yesterday I went to Buckingham Palace. Caught the end of the changing of the guards. Then I got caught just walking around for 6 hours in between jumping on and off the tube stations.

I was meant to go to the Tower of London and the London Bridge but I never made it. I got caught up in the buildings, architecture and statues. I kept seeing all the places of the Monopoly board and it was great. You name a square on the board and I have about an 80% chance that I've seen it. Pall Mall, Mayfair, Park Lane, Kings Cross, The Strand, Trafalgar Square and more. It's Crazy :)

Finally got my mobile working. Got a free simcard from a virgin shop girl and mum/dad called me after they spoke to virgin back home. They sorted it out and now my mobile number you all know works. Gets expensive though but SMS's are welcome.

I cooked last night! Mum would be so proud :) Who would have thought I could buy pasta/sauce and make myself dinner. I have enough for 3 nights and it was about £4 all up. I took me a while to find a grocery store but now that I have its all good.

Last night was good. The people in the bar are great. Met a few people and had a bit of a chat. I think I'm going to spent the day just slacking off today. The hostel has cable TV and my legs are sore so guess what I'll be doing.

Couple more photos going up at the moment. My head is in a couple. Not sure when I'll get some more worth going up. I made save the bridge/tower after I come back from my week trip around the country. So it might be a little while before the next update.

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17 March 06 - 01:25London - The first day

Well. Its cold, grey and very big. Theres no central area its just.... all over the place. Its crazy.

Spent the day walking around getting my bearings. Which involved being lost for about an hour but still I found the place I need to got to on monday morning for my tour. The people there were very nice and great to talk to. The tour should be great.

Went into Westmisnter Abbey mouth wide open the whole time. Amazing place. No photos though... not allowed. Also went on the London Eye. Big ferris wheel thingy that takes 30mins to go round and took a bunch of photos.

Im still amazed that I am here. I was walking around and would just think "im on london" and smile. I just dont believe it. Im going to try and see if I can post some pics in the gallery. Will see how I go.

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16 March 06 - 07:04£1.50 - 75mins? I can live with that

Here I am. 11pm London time. In a net cafe out the front of a hotel around the corner from my hostel. Interesting that.

Anyway. The flight was fine. Good food and movies. Got a few hours sleep but otherwise uneventful. Managed to get to my hostel without any trouble. First ride on the tube trains - no problem!

Mobile is not working at the moment. Will have to try and work that out tomorrow. Oh well.

Time for sleep. A day of exploring tomorrow :)

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15 March 06 - 10:48wow look its the internet

they even have it in Bangkok :) 6.5hr flight and here I am in Bangkok spending 75bahts for 15mins on the internet. Why? Because I am bored and have like 4 more hours until my next flight.

Ah well. Flight was fine. Food was fair. Got a bit of sleep. But all is well :) Don't Worry Mum!

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14 March 06 - 16:51Only Hours to go..

Just counting down the hours now... The bag is packed. Everything is sorted. Just double checking everything and waiting for the time to pass.

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07 March 06 - 11:597 days...

Only 7 days to go - This time next week I'll be staring at my pack backpack wondering what I've forgotten.

I think I have everything. Just a couple small things like toiletries are missing. I got my Eurail tickets last week and received my updated bank cards.

I need to organise getting global roaming on my mobile and putting my HBF on hold but I think thats all.

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