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15 December 06 - 09:17Home!

I have made it home!

After some fun flying from Texas via London I made it home yesterday around 9am.

Calling people and not getting answers is rather annoying... but anyway. I have so much stuff to do in but at the moment I am just trying to catch up with people and ignore all my post trip stuff for the moment.

Toohey - default - 1239 comments

05 December 06 - 05:04When am I coming home?

Thats a good question isn't it. Well... I am still in Texas and will still be here next week. I then have to fly to London, waste some more time in the expensive wonderland of England's capital, then fly to Bangkok, waste more then several hours in a bland airport and then, finally, fly home. I guess from Texas to London to Bangkok to Perth could theoretically be done in two days (time zone changes included) however three days is more realistic (realistic but still thats quite insane). Therfore the smart thing would be to break things up by staying in London for a couple days.

Now I'm just blabbering arn't I... Well... thats because I'm not saying the exact date I am getting home. It's a secret. (Either that or I don't know because flights from London to Perth are close to full, at this time of year, and I havn't booked a seat and am on a waiting list (I'm not that stupid... am I?)). Heh.

Ok so. Im in Texas next week and I will be home before... hmmm... the 25th of December. Don't worry I'll be home before then, trust me, I think.

Who know's one day I might just turn up on the doorstep of that house called home.

(watch for changes in the "Currently In" image scroll-over text above.)

Lets see some comments for bets on when I will arrive home :)

Toohey - default - 350 comments