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22 September 05 - 15:55Im being Slack - Get Passport!

I posted the thought on organising my passport ages ago and i still havn't done it! I picked up the forms at least but the hardest part is the Photos. I know where to get them done but finding the time on a day where im not as bad looking as the previous day is hard :P

This post is more of a "get my butt into gear" post. Self motivation thing. I promise to do it really I do!

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22 September 05 - 15:50Pre-Trip Holidays Booked!

Thats right! I have booked three weeks holidays in January. Not only booked but approved!  There are a couple reasons for this:

  1. To use my well earnt holiday pay
  2. To organise the important things for my trip

Basically i'll be using the time to organise everything and make sure I am well and truely set.  This will include:

  • Plane Tickets
  • Visas (UK working Holiday and Russian Visiting)
  • Eurail Tickets
  • VIP/YHI Hostel Memberships and Youth/Student Card
  • 90% of my travel gear
So hopefully by the end of those weeks holidays i'll be all set. I'll head back to work for about 6 weeks and then i'll take off. In 6 months time, to the day, I will be somewhere in the UK :)

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