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23 August 05 - 22:16No EC Packs in AU!

Thats right! It looks like there are next to none Eagle Creek packs in Australia. No travel packs of theirs at all in WA. They have a couple smaller packs around here but no Continental Journey pack which is what I wanted. After much thought I have decided to scrap the idea of shipping the pack in for myself and have decided to find a different one. At the moment it's looking to be a Caribee Pack. As far as I am aware they are good quality for the price range.
I can get the EC Pack-it range, which I was most concerned about. I need a folder and a couple cubes at least and I've found the shops that sell them :)
I've also been taking a peak at shoes lately too. I went into Shimensons Budget Backpacker and they have heaps of great stuff and and very reasonable prices. I know I'll be headed back there in the future.

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23 August 05 - 21:54Whats Happening!?

Well, I havn't posted in a while and the site almost looks inactive doesn't it? The preperations page is where most of my posting will go. Until im out of the country and thats not for AGESSS!!!!! :(
I have been looking hard into luggage at the moment. Unfortunately Eagle Creek packs are not available in Australia and the cost to ship one over is not worth it. Buying without seeing/trying I just can't weigh the risk. I can get a cheaper pack at local places and make sure it fits. The most common pack in the mid range price are the Caribee packs I have taken a look at a few and originally didn't like them, but their latest stuff which I saw today look a lot better then the older models. I'm scoping out all the shops that stock the stuff I need and keeping an eye on prices hopefully I'll find what I want and catch it on sale.
Other then that I still have a couple months of hard saving before I really have to start buying the things I need.

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13 August 05 - 15:29Insurance! :( Sadly it's needed.

Unfortunately its a formality. I went into Flight Center the other day and had a quick word to one of the peeps there about how much the flight to London was going to cost, ended up looking at around AUD$1600. It's about what I expected so I guess it's not too bad.
The thing is, when travelling you need insurance! (If you can't afford travel insurance you can't afford to travel!) They had an info booklet on the insurance they go with and man is it expensive. 8 Months in Europe $883 (Thats with a $100 excess).
So, me being an online boy and all. I found World Nomads Backpacker Travel Insurance, it covers everything I'll need and 8 months World Wide Cover (excluding USA, Canda and Japan) is only AUD$348!!! (excess $100)
Sounds too good to be true doesn't it. Well I have done as much research as possible and everything points to positive outcomes, so why pay $540 more for insurance that is over the top.
Yay for the internet and it's ability to make stuff cheaper!

Toohey - ToDo - one comment

07 August 05 - 12:39Theme Change!

Well! I think it looks good. I hope everyone else does too. Its not that I didn't like the default one, I just wanted to make it my own and give it a nice "EuroTrip" feel to it. I have made a field to the left of the map where I will place small map pics of the places where I last posted from :) I just need to make all the images for the countries now...

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07 August 05 - 12:19Passport and Visas

I really need to get a new passport some time soon. I think thats at the top of my list of things to do, next time I get a hair cut I think.
I have also been looking into Visas, I think I'll apply for a UK working holiday visa. I will then have the opportunity to pick up a job and get some of those pounds in my pockets :)
I want to jump across to Russia and I need a visa to get in there, so i'll have to look at that too.

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05 August 05 - 12:17Im a!

Well, Ive just got my own registered and now hosted domain :)
I feel special, and so much easier to tell family and friends verbally.

Next up is pulling apart some .css and creating my own theme. I think I have worked out what I want to do and I am now in contact with Cissi, who has done some great work over at Pivot Styles, so if I need a hand I've got someone to ask.
Thanks once again go to Networking. They are doing a great job

Toohey - default - ten comments

01 August 05 - 12:16The Plan - At this stage...

So whats the plan then?
At this stage the plan is to leave home around Mid to Late March next year. The cheapest flight will be to London (as far as im aware anyway) so theres no need to make a decision as to where i'm starting my trip. I'll likely organise a hostel for a few days, check out the sights and then maybe go on one of those backpacker tours. I really want to check out stonehenge (I did a school project once, year 5 or something, and just have to see it) so i'll see if theres a tour that includes a stop off there. From London the current plan is to jump across the channel to The Netherlands and meet up with an online friend of many years. Depending on when I get there and if it's still cool with him I might spend my birthday there (I did tell him this like a year ago). Otherwise a current dream would be to make it to the top of the Eifel Tower on the day of my 22nd Birthday. :) (Maybe just a quick trip to france for the day)
Then i'll jump a cheap flight to Helsinki and catch up with my cousin. Spend some time with him and his wife. Next? Who knows, the plan will be to start the use of my 3 Month Eurail Ticket. It'll be perfect starting to use it in Finland, I can spend the next three months working my way down and through the rest of europe. The eurail ticket includes a couple liners from Finland to Sweden and to Rostock in Germany. Next will be railing my way around as much as possible!
The only other thing that may change this line of thought will be the wildcard of an old school friend that is currently in Germany, but I have no idea where she will be at this time. I know she'll be finished her studies, and she mentioned wanting to travel a bit before heading home. I'd love to catch up and maybe travel a bit but I just don't know where she'll be...

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