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20 September 06 - 19:52Survived! Back In London

Made it back! Overall the tour was great! So much fun and so very entertaining.

On Monday night we had a day in Austria and had a big party with a couple live bands. There were close to 500 people from a bunch of other tours and drinks were flowing all night. The bands played great sing along music and everyone was dancing around like crazy and singing pub songs at the top of their voices. I had more then a few beams that night (off the beer for a night) was a very fun night.

Tuesday was back at the ground. Buying souveniers, going on the rides and taking photos. Plus jumping into the Augustiner Beer Hall for a drink before the long 18 hour bus ride back here.

Now I need some good food and some good sleep to recharge.

Toohey - default - 808 comments

17 September 06 - 23:03Oktoberfest!

This place is crazy! Its huge and there is soooooo much beer its amazing.

I got very very drunk yesterday.... I worked out that one stein is about 5-6 standard drinks. And I had 3 in a couple hours. Plus a couple cans of Fosters on the bus on the way in. Disturbing as I was drunk and there were still hours and hours before the beerhalls closed. They close at 2230 and the beer started flowing at midday.

The grounds are huge. I will try and take some photos on Tuesday. Tomorrow we are off to the Tirol region in Austria (already been there myself) we are heading to the same place that we stayed in. Bunnys Pub. Should be a great change from the beerhalls.

Was great to hear that both freo and the eagles won over the weekend. The derby final is still on the cards! 

Well I cant think very much at the moment. So I'll leave it to another day. Maybe when I'm back in London on Wednesday.

Toohey - default - 489 comments

12 September 06 - 19:38Football disappointment and flight fun...

Dear dear dear... I had a rather sad day at the pub on Sunday. Watching replays of the Saturday AFL games. I spent the entire Fremantle game shaking my head. Sad game for my first of the year. Then came the game I was waiting for. I didn't know the outcome and spend the whole game on edge. It was exciting but very frustrating. So much like the Grand last year :(

On the positive side it keeps the hope of a freo/wce grand final. We just need each others teams to take revenege for each other after winning this week... I can dream can't I?

I have everything booked for the next couple months. Oktoberfest this week (leave thursday). Bristol for a week when I come back. Hopefully catch the Grand Final if one of the west teams are in. Then Dublin for a few nights. Then off to Finland.

So both Freo and West coast are playing this weekend and both were not meant to be. I'll be drinking it up in Munich so if someone can keep me up to date with the games via sms I would be very greatful :) Cheers guys.

Toohey - default - one comment

08 September 06 - 18:29London... How I thought I missed thee...

Note the thought...

Anyway, here I am and here I will stay until next Thursday. Back at the cheap internet place I found last time I was in London. Still cheapest I think I can find. Although it is much futher away from my hotel this time.

Finding a place showing the AFL live is harder then I thought. It seems its impossible. It looks like I will have to watch the games the day after they are aired. So Sunday will be my day of Football for the first time this year.

Today is tubing around london trying to find which pub I will go to as well as a bunch of other things. The tour company im going to munich with seems to have a serious lack of contact going on. Thats one thing I have to sort out. Another is getting into a flight center and talking to them about my flights. Other then that I guess ill just enjoy shopping in a country that speaks english. Try and find a book or two.

This is the first english speaking country I have been in since the 1st of April!

Toohey - default - one comment

02 September 06 - 14:34Happy Birthday Mum

Just a quick message to say Happy Birthday to my Mum.

Happy Birthday Mum!

We wont say how old she is :) but hopefully she has a great day.

Toohey - default - five comments