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28 November 05 - 22:11O M G . . . The flights are booked!

Flights... Booked... Money Spent... No... Turning.... Back...!!!

Thats right. I have just today booked and paid for my flights. Not only the major flight from Perth to London but the London to Münster flight too.

Perth to London: Thai Airways
- Flight TG 988 - Leaves Perth March 15th at 0210hrs - Arrives Bangkok at 0805hrs.
- Flight TG 916 - Leaves Bangkok 1350hrs - Arrives London Heathrow at 1935hrs.
Total Cost: $1990.94 (Including Return Flight)

London to Münster: Air Berlin
- Flight AB8821 - Leaves Stansted April 1st at 2150hrs - Arrives Münster/Osnabrück at 2355hrs.
Total Cost: $55 (£23)

Next Step - In the next few days - Travel Insurance - WorldNomads

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19 November 05 - 08:44Flying to Münster - What the...!?

Thats right! Münster. Its a city in Germany, close to the Dutch Border, with an airport!

Münster and Enschede

Last night I spoke with Sjoerd and spoke about my dates I had posted below. He said Eindhoven shouldn't be a problem but have I tried Münster Airport because it's closer to him (45mins) - He's in Enschede. He pointed me to the Air Berlin site and the flights from London are perfect! The flights arrive late at night and I think are rather small planes but only cost €23 (taxes included) - Thats about $37. The flight only takes 2hrs and 5mins.

Not only did we work out it would be best for me fly to Münster we have set the date I am to fly from London as the 1st of April! So Dates are Set! Flights are ready to be booked. I am on the verge of booking the Air Berlin flight already but in all honesty I think I should wait until I have booked my flight to London.

Picture courtesy of

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16 November 05 - 10:29Trip Plans - With Dates - First Leg

I have been doing a lot of thinking/planning in the last week and (for the most part) I think I have the first leg of my trip worked out.

- 17th or 18th March: Arrive at Heathrow Airport London

- 20th - 26th March: 7 Day "Full Monty" HAGGiS Tour

- 27th - 30th March: Time to Explore London - Will include a day trip to Stonehenge

- 1st or 2nd April: Fly to Eindhoven - Netherlands - Hopefully be met by Sjoerd (a friend of a few years I met through Utopia)*

- 6th April: Amsterdam Hostel - Close to Amsterdam CS Station*

- 7th April: Day trip to Paris - For my 22nd Birthday (back at 11pm to spend the night in the same hostel)

- 8th - 9th April: Weekend - Hopefully Celebrating my Birthday with Sjoerd.*

- 10th April: Train off to Brussels - Belgium. (Because I can - Spend a few days here)

- 13th April: Train to Germany - I have been told there are family here willing to put me up. I figure it would be a good place to spend Easter.

- 14th - 17th April: Easter - Germany with family I have never met nor really know but apparently would love to meet me.

- 18th/19th April: Train/Ferry to Finland - Meet up and spend some time with my Cousin and his wife.

- From here in: Here is when I will use my 3 month Eurail ticket. Working my way down - Sweden/Norway first - Then snaking my way down through the rest. This is the second leg of my trip and will be more open then anything. Whatever comes goes for this part.

* - These dates and how long I spend are just a rough guide as all need to be discussed with Sjoerd. Apparently Per might be joining us, I will need to ask him further.

So thats that. Looks good. Now I just need to get some rough confirmations from the people involved above and organise plane tickets.

Toohey - default - No comments

13 November 05 - 18:03Photos and more

Well I finally moved my butt into gear and had my Passport Photos taken and (as most posed photos do) I look shocking - the whole no smiling thing is bad (I look like an angry man).

I have also changed the website a bit.

  1. I killed the double blog pages and merged them to one.
  2. I place a self pic in the about section; and
  3. Added a whole new section to the website - The Gallery

The Gallery is using some GPL PHP software which can be found at  It currently has some random pics that I happen to have on my computer. When I am travelling though it will work wonders for me. I will be able to post a bunch of photos in a bunch of different albums for all the different places I visit. All from a web prompt.

Toohey - default - one comment

05 November 05 - 10:57Pack Purchased!!!

Caribee - Infinty 70L Thats right I've purchased my Travelpack! The Caribee - Infinity 70L.

I got it down at Shimensons yesterday for $245. Other places I asked about the pack were asking $290 so I figured I'd grab it while Shimenson had it on sale. Its a great pack. The harness is really good fully adjustable and makes sure that weight is transferred to the hip. It has a nice layout on the inside, completely flips open, and even has some small zip pockets on the inside to keep loose things in check.

The daypack clips on to the front shoulder straps of the main pack. Its straps fold away when you use it like that. It even has a special pocket for your walkman/ipod and a spot for a hydration bladder (so i dont need to carry water bottles).

So the pack is purchased all I need is the stuff to go in it and my plane ticket :)

As for stuff to go in it, im still looking at the Eagle Creek Pack-IT System. I've just spotted some gift sets on their site, which are new, I might have to see if I can find them locally.

Things are certainly starting to get exciting.

Toohey - default - one comment