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28 April 06 - 23:02More Dresden and Next Stop Leipzig

Dresden really is an amazing place. There is so much to see in the city and the surrounding areas. The other night we went up to the Moritzburg Schloss and then up to a look out point where you could see across the whole valley.

Yesterday afternoon I went into town and met up with one of my 3rd cousins and we went up to Pillnitz.  Really nice place on the riverside/edge of the hill. There is more amazing buildings up their and a huge garden which is basically a collection of trees and plants from around the would. There is a really famous 700 year old japanese tree there which happened to be flowering.

Today it's been raining so it has been a productive photo uploading day.

Germany Photos are up! -

In a couple hours I head for Leipzig with Dani (One of my 3rd cousins) it just happened to be that she was heading there for the weekend too. I get to crash at the boyfriends place too. Yay for student living! My northern Lifeline Christine (2nd cousin from another side) will meet me tomorrow. Should be a great weekend.

I have reserved my spot on the ferry to Finland too. I leave Leipzig on Tuesday and the Ferry leaves Rostock early Wednesday morning.

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27 April 06 - 05:09Dresden!

I have now made my way south and am in Dresden. Well Radebeul to be more correct but still its just outside of Dresden and I have been into the city a couple times already.

It is such an amazing city. The whole place was basically flatten in 1945 just before the end of the war. They have rebuilt so much of the old town and buildings and it looks simply amazing. The old church - Frauenkirche - which has just finished being reconstructed is such an amazing structure and means so much to the people. The - Zwinger - is also amazing I think I like it the best. I got some photo's today but the clouds were out so my pictures don't do the place justice. The whole Altstadt area is just great so many old building all packed together make it just a great sight.

I am staying with family down here too and its great once again. They speak english and what works out to be my 3rd cousins are my age and younger. The one that picked me up from the trainstation speaks english perfectly and she is headed for Leipzig on Friday aswell so I am tagging along with her and now also have a place to sleep in Leipzig. Should be a great weekend!

The net connection here is good so I should get some pictures up tomorrow!

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25 April 06 - 00:11Ahh Berlin...

Well the last couple days have been rather nice. Sight seeing yesterday was great. I took some amazing photos.

I checked out Potsdamer Platz, Checkpoint Charlie and then went out to the west side of town to the trade fair center. Theres like a mini eiffel tower thing called the Funkturm. I have some really cool scenic pictures which cover the main parts of Berlin.

I have just now confirmed my plans for tomorrow. I am headed for Dresden to stay with more family! I'll stay there until Friday and then head for Leipzig.

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23 April 06 - 20:34How very Annoying...

Several things are frustrating me right now:

  • Random restarts of internet cafe PC's causing me to type this post for a second time.....
  • Spam comments. I've cleaned them all out once again. Removing the URL field didn't work, it made it worse, I will have to find a better solution for the comment spam once have time to mess about on a real computer (in Finland)
  • Bad Berlin Weather - The bad weather wasn't that annoying it was the poor visability it caused. Making my very long walk to Brandenburger Tor rather wasted because photos were pointless. Also making the long walk rather annoying is my next point.
  • A sore left Knee - So much for the walking tour that everyone has said is really good. Started hurting yesterday and is no better after a nights sleep. Will have to use the public transport more over the next couple days.
  • Lack of Real comments - Proberly related to the spam comments or just the general laziness of the people I know. Come on people... I know your reading. Post for me :( or send me an email if you don't like public posts. Bottom of each post is a link to my email and a link to the comments page.

Ah well. Im off to drag myself around the place and hopefully get some decent pictures as it is a bit clearer today.

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22 April 06 - 17:41Berlin and Free Beer!

Well it's been a while. I've been busy with family and sight seeing in the northish area of Germany.

Monday was the BernsteinMuseum. Very interesting. Tuesday was visiting my great Uncle and Aunty  Wednesday was Schwerin. Thursday was a nice day off around the house.

Yesterday was the trip to Berlin. Where I am right now. Not before having a nice chinese lunch out though.  The whole last week was great it's been really nice having family over here and them being so nice.

Anyway. Arrived here last night at about 7pm. Found my way to the hostel and wow what a place it is. So clean and the room is great. They have a cafe, all you can eat breakfast for €4.50 and a bar downstairs. The bar was closed last night though but for a good reason. Their sister hostel had a grand opening of their new bar so there was a big party for hostel guests. Went over there with a couple of the room mates and proceeded to receive free beer and strange orange drinks. Very cool. After a great week and a bit with family my first night back in a hostel is greeted with free beer :)

Today is my first day in Berlin so I shall find something to walk to and take some photos. Speaking of Photo's they are very lacking since leaving the Netherlands. I have plenty but just have not found the time to upload them. Hopefully I will get to the chance to in the next few days otherwise I'll upload a whole bunch was I reach Finland (early May).

So I have a few days here in Berlin. Then hopefully south to Dresden for a couple and then across to Leipzig for the next weekend and then north to Finland.

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17 April 06 - 03:54Captain's widow's house's garden's benches

Wow. It's been a great few days. Very busy sight seeing aswell as visiting family.

Thursday the weather was bad so it was just a nice slack day. Sleep in and do very little ;) I was meaning to get to Gadebusch but things changed as plans were made and changed and made and changed again up here. It changed for the good though.

Friday - The train trip north. From Bielefeld back to Osnabrück and from Osnabrück to Shwerin. Arrived around 12:30 and met my mums cousin, his wife and his daughter (my awesome german lifeline - aka translator).  It's been great having someone that can talk english and german. She has been able to tell me all the stuff she and her parents know about the areas we visit. Once again, it's been really really great.

Friday afternoon, after driving around Shwerin, we went to Wismar. We had a walk around there and had a great dinner at the brewery. Really nice fish.

Saturday - Off to the Grenzhus Museum in Schlagsdorf. Basically it use to be apart of the east german border observation system. The house has now been turned into a museum that has information about the old east/west germany border. It was very interesting to see the lengths they went to keep the east and west apart.
We then went to Lübeck. Simply put - wow - amazing architecture in the old town. All the places that weren't bombed had great old buildings. The city was once the biggest shipping trade towns in the area between Sweden and Germany. This is where the Captains houses come in.
There are all these neat little alleys that lead into gardens (and benches) and the entries to all these little houses. Since the captains that owned them died young the houses became the widows. Hence... The Captain's widow's house's garden's benches. There's photos. (It wasn't me that came up with that saying either)
Saturday Night was my grand-uncles 75th birthday. That was very crazy but great to see more of mum's side of the family in action in their country. It was very funny to recognise the nouances of the family and link them to the way they are back home. All to familar reactions, faces, noises and body language. The same as home but in a different language.

This Morning - Ostern - (HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!) - We went around my grand-Uncle and Aunty's house for a late breakfast. Stayed for more then a couple hours where I was shown lots of photos. Very interesting but also very draining. I feel very sorry for my lifeline 2nd cousin as she had to translate.

Tomorrow we head towards Rostock to an Amber Museum place. Should be good. Tuesday I think the plan is Shwerin to check out the gallery. Then... who knows... in the coming week Leipzig, Berlin, Dresden and then Finland towards the end of the month.

No photo's in the gallery yet. Will have to wait.

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12 April 06 - 17:25Amster-daymn! but now in Bielefeld

Last couple nights in Amsterdam were fun. Staying up until 2:30-3:00 each night. Either going out or staying in. Checked out the Red-Light district and daymn thats one crazy place.

Back in Germany now, for real this time not just 45minutes. I am in Bielfeld at the moment and have been in contact with family in Gadebüsch so everything is set for the easter weekend. I head up there tomorrow.

As for today Gerhard said there is a statue/monument thing about 30kms away which sounds like a nice thing to check out. That´s it for now.

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10 April 06 - 20:01Amsterdam Weekend

Well Amsterdam certainly is different. Lots of water, bicycles, porn and stoned people. Have basically spent my time walking around taking the place in. The canals and buildings are amazing. The water goes right up to some front doors.

On Saturday Jeroen came into the city and we went on a canal tour and walked about the place. We were going to check out a museum or something but the lines were huge so we did it cheap and just wandered. The canal tour was neat was nice to hear a bit of history and strange facts.

Sunday I slept most of the day. Went out for a dew drinks in the evening with a few people from the hostel. Went to a neat bar just near the main square of pubs. Had a few laughs. Was a good night.

Today I wandered around the Rijksmuseum - has some neat things from the "Golden Age" and a great collection of Rembrants and his partners. The paintings are amazing so old and yet the colours are so vibrant and the depth is so clear.

Tomorrow I head for Germany and Family. Bielefeld Tomorrow and likely Gadebusch on Thursday for the easter weekend. I can't wait should be a great week.

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09 April 06 - 00:57Une présentation spéciale d'anniversaire

I made a serious of short videos throughout the day of my birthday. It was very on the go and not rehersed or anything. The whole series pretty much tells the story of the day. I am not sure what others will think of the series but my word for them would be genuine. If you are going to watch them download them from start to finish and watch them in order. It will take sometime for those not on a fast connection. Right-Click Save As to download them.

Thank You - I hope they work and you enjoy.

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08 April 06 - 17:15USB connection found!

Ah Huh! Found. And just across the street too. I dont have time to upload the photos right now. I have only managed to get a couple up. Tonight I will upload a lot more including the views from the top :)

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08 April 06 - 05:19Its My Birthday And I'll Go to Paris If I Want To

And that is exactly what I did. Had the absolute best time of my life.  The whole day has blown me away.

6:23am this morning I took the train from Amsterdam to Brussels
Had an Hour in Brussels. Just walked around outside the station and got some food.
Arrived in Paris 11:35am.
Mum and dad called me for my birthday about 15 mins later when I was trying to find out where the heck I was. Found my way throughout the call and after the call I found the Arc de Triomphe. I now had my bearings and made for the Eiffel Tower. My ultimate 22nd birthday goal. Found it and took many a photo. From far away to up close.

Then I began the climb. Thats correct - The Climb. I took the stairs as far as possible up to platform 2. All 668 Steps :) I then got the lift to the very top (there are no stairs for that bit). I was lucky as sometimes it is closed. The day was perfect not a cloud in the sky and the view was simply amazing. I took photos and videos but nothing will compare to being there.

I have had the dream of doing this day for at least the last year maybe a bit longer and today it came true it the best fashion possible. I don't think I could have had a better birthday alone in another part of the world. Funny thing is - It's my first birthday in Spring, my first birthday in another country (3 in fact- France, Belgium and The Netherlands) and my first birthday away from home.

I was on top of the world. A conquered the tower on my 22nd birthday - The 7th of April 2006.

Arrived back in Amsterdam at 1035pm and my legs are killing me but I am an extremely happy person. For now I am going to had back to the hostel and have a few beers downstairs. Who knows maybe I can milk the birthday thing and get a few freebies :)

(unfortunately I am yet to find a netcafe where I can plug my camera/ipod in to upload photos. Maybe tomorrow or the next day I will get luckier on that front)

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07 April 06 - 00:59Arrived Safely... Amsterdam

Well. Here I am in Amsterdam. Got here around 3pm and then had to find a place to stay. I knew where I wanted to stay but had to find it. Took me a little longer then it should but I found it and they have room for me until I leave for Germany.

I then went back to the Train Station to organise my Birthday Trip. Worked out almost as well as I wanted and costed less then I expected.

Stay tuned for more information some time tomorrow...

Its kind of strange at home its already my birthday but here its only 7pm on the 6th :)

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06 April 06 - 17:49Cycling and on to Amsterdam

Well I am soon to leave Enschede and this comfortable home of the last 5 nights. I will be catching a train to Amsterdam in a few hours.

On Tuesday we went into the local city center there is a big market every Tuesday and Saturday so it was interesting to see the place.  Picked up some typical dutch lollies which is generally lots of different types of licorice. The market guys lolly shop was called Skippy's Lollyshop was quite amusing and he gave us a few free samples too.

Yesterday Sjoerd and I went for a bike ride. Yay for the bicylces and the Netherlands. We visited the local windmill and I got a couple cliche photos :) 

For now I think its lunch before heading to the train station. I am still thinking about Paris for the day tomorrow. I will confirm or deny that when I get to Amsterdam Central Station and find an english speaking ticket information person.

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04 April 06 - 19:05Kampen Urk Lemmen

Went for a drive yesterday to see some of the Netherlands country-side. We went north and then East stopping and Kampen first for lunch.  Nice town with a lot of sailing ships along the waterside. We then drove on to Urk. There wasn't much there but we had a view across the lake. (If you have a look at the Map at the top you can see the lake to the north-east of Amsterdam - we were on the east side of that). We then went on to Lemmen and dropped in on a pub and had a walk around the canal. Sjoerd ordered us some typical Dutch food - crumbed deep fried balls filled with rice/noodles and other things. Was nice to see a part of the country I normally wouldn't have.

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03 April 06 - 00:42I Am in The Netherlands!

The Netherlands!

Last night I landed at Münster Airport. I had a bit of fun reaching the airport but I made it in the end. The circle line tube was not running in the direction I needed so I had to take the long way around in the opposite direction. Then when I finally got to Liverpool Street Station the bus did not have my booking reference number on the list. They didn't seem to be bothered and just said not to worry about it and to get on anyway, no drama! No problems at Stansted airport just showed them my Passport and they gave me my boarding pass. Waited around the airport for about 3 hours until the flight. I had a few pounds/pence in my wallet that I had to use. I had 50 pence in almost all coppers and a 5 pound note. Starbucks! I picked up a Starbucks BLT Sandwich (3.15) and a Tall Coffee Frappuccino (2.35) it was great! Perfect I tell you! Perfect! I left the UK with none of their money!

Overall the UK was great. I'll make up my mind completely after I have seen some of Europe but London is just an insane place. London itself is massive. It's almost the whole Perth Metro area and they call that the city. Theres no real true central bit thats the city like in Perth. Its all just... London. There seemed to be more visitors then locals and there was just so much going on. The whole place is simply huge in every aspect. The 7 day tour was the best thing I did. Eased me into the whole away from home thing very nicely and I met 10 really good people. It was also one of the funnest weeks I've had. The last week back in London was good because Kate was in the same hostel and we walked around doing free stuff - Museums and Galleries. Also was good to get food with someone instead of alone (2 for 1 lunch!) and making dinner for 2 is better then 1. As for the 'whats the deal with kate' comments - I'm the same age as her little brother and that's all that needs to be said. I almost left the UK completely unscathed... unfortunately though something is forever lost somewhere in the UK... A solitary sock... is somewhere in Wales or England.... Very Sad :(

The flight here was over very fast. It was only 45minutes. Got out of the plane SMS'd Sjoerd and he replied saying he just arrived. Went through the little passport stamping booth... All these people ahead of me went straight through. When he scanned my passport and saw I wasn't EU he paused. He asked me if I spoke German (In German of course but I understood what he was on about) I said no and then he asked how long I would be in Germany... I replied with "a few weeks" (The true answer would have been 45minutes) and then had to clarify "2 maybe 3 weeks... just visiting" he took a look at me... got the stamp from his partner and stamped the page and sent me on my way :)... Walked straight through the "nothing to declare" customs and two steps into shaking hands with Sjoerd. Into the car, down road, on the wrong side, with no speed limit and about 50 minutes later arrived here in Enschede.

So here I am. I have my own room with a really nice bed, its almost a double too, I had a shower with a real towel (ohh so soft) and diddo on the toilet paper. Sjoerd and Angela are really nice and their 11 week old baby Merel is cute. Today has been good. I have been able to sleep in and relax. We went for a walk around the place and saw the local area. It's nice to be in another country and not in the main city. I have also been able to use the computer and back up my photos back home.

We had Mexican for dinner. Another good night :) Things are good. I expect to head to Amsterdam Thursday. Will see how plans go over the next few days.

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