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29 May 06 - 17:37Back into gear... Ready for the 2nd leg

Ok Then. Enough of this idling in Tampere its time to kick it back into gear and start the 2nd leg of my trip.

The 3 Month Rail Ticket.

At this moment I'm looking at heading to Helsinki for the weekend and then catching a boat to Stockholm on Sunday Evening. The ferry is an over nighter so I'll turn up in Stockholm Monday morning. I have a couple people I know there so hopefully they can spare some time to catch up and show me around. 

After Stockholm I'll head for Norway and maybe head up the west coast see how far north I can go. Once I am done with that I'll make my way south. Denmark first then who knows from there I have plans in Spain for the first week of July so how I fill in the time between that is unsure. 

I've updated the site. Fixed up the comment spam and put up the last of my Germany photos in the Gallery. Now back to the planning and booking for the next week.

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16 May 06 - 03:56Where'd I Go?

When I said I was being slack in my previous post it was no understatement :)

I am still here in Tampere with my cousin and his wife. What am I doing? Very little and enjoying it. Occasionally heading out for a walk or bike ride in the local area but other then that just kicking back in doors. TV, Computer and a book to read its nice doing nothing.

Theres not much in the center of Tampere but shops so unless I have something in mind to go look for I don't head down there (plus its about a 45min walk). There is an amusement park there though... Maybe if the weather warms up again I'll splurge.

So yeah just a small update as I know some people were wondering what I am doing as I havn't posted for a bit.

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08 May 06 - 16:11Kicking Back, Being Slack in Finland!

I made it to Finland without much trouble. The ferry crossing was extremely boring and it was full of non english speaking truckies and retired german tourists. There was very little conversation for me. There were a couple of young american girls that stood out from the crowd like me though. Spoke to them a bit but they had just finished 6 months of Bible study in Austria so there was little in common... The weather was good and the sea was very calm the whole crossing. Very boring, very uneventful boat ride across the Baltic.

Reached Hanko 40 mins late. Which meant I had to wait longer for the train to Karjaa. Eventually made it into Helsinki about midday. Hung around the station for an hour and headed for Tampere. Travis (my cousin) was waiting at the platform and all has been good since then. Walked around the town a bit and then headed here a little bit outside of Tampere about 50mins walk apparently (have only caught the bus so far). That was Thursday.

Friday we did nothing until the afternoon when we went into town to do some shopping and get dinner at a danish place. The weekend was nice and slack. We had a bbq and played a couple rounds of Carcassonne. Other then that its just been kicking back slacking off either on the computer or infront of the TV.

Today I might acctually do something. I can borrow the bike and take a ride so I might investigte that option. See if I can make my way to town and back.

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01 May 06 - 04:19Leipzig

Well. Its been a nice couple days and I still have one and a half left. I've seen so much and pretty much have no idea how to spell any of the things I have seen.

Yesterday we went to the big monument on the edge of town its rather big and kind of ugly but we climbed the narrow stairways and had a very nice view of town. Then in the evening I went with Dani and her boyfriend to a double birthday party. I didn't know what to expect but it turned out to be a good night. As they were all students most of them understood whatever I said and some of them spoke english with me. It was a fun night talking and pulling apart the way I say certain words and the way they spoke english.

Today Christine took me on the her guided city tour. We walked a lot... Saw pretty much ever other street in the city centre and the main attractions. Really nice architecture here and interesting passages in the city center. Went to Christines favourite eating/drinking/meeting place for lunch and then we went a little bit further out to a small schloss.

Dinner was the most random thing ever. I had home cooked African food (as Christine's friend is African). It was great. Here I am in Germany and getting home cooked quality african food. 

Tomorrow is the 1st of May. Day off work for most of Europe. Here in germany there are lots of demonstrations. The left wing and the right wing and such. Neo-Nazis and then the ones against them. We'll try to avoid the demonstrations and we're going to head for the Zoo. I have seen so many buildings and even gardens, parks and forests in my travels so it will be nice to see some of them classic zoo animals. 

Tuesday is a Train day. Wednesday is the ferry Day.

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