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31 January 06 - 21:44Thoughts...

Kalgoorlie turned out well. Not too much to see and do their but it was a good first backpackers experience. Had some great times with Jones and his friends, saw the sights and got my first test of sleeping in a dodgy bunk-bed.

Overall the backpackers was not too bad at all. I figure I have the whole sleeping/showering thing down. Though things like laundry (didn't bother as was only 4 nights) and proper eating (spent the nights at Jones' place) I am still not too sure who I will go with them. 

My work holidays are almost over. There are a few things I still need to do though - the trip to Kal showed me a few things I still need. Luckily the major thing I wanted to get sorted (the UK working holiday Visa) turned up approved and in my passport on Monday. The Russian passport is a bit more of a pain - the company that sends the invite said the consulates do not allow the visas so far in advance to the entry date (greater then three months) I have to give them a call and try to work something out, otherwise I don't think I will bother.

It's a little more than 6 weeks before I leave and I must say it is starting to get scary. I guess that is all apart of it though. We'll see how things pan out over the coming month.

I have put some more photo's up in the gallery. Finally. Only a few though as I will need to keep the space down.

Toohey - default - 424 comments

26 January 06 - 21:33The Kal Test

Well. It's been a while.

I really should have posted some new years pics in the gallery...  but well... I have been well slack. Anyway. Right now I'm in Kalgoorlie. My first backpackers experience and well 'test' or dry run; so to speak.

I came out here to spend Australia day with my mate who is doing vacation work out here.  I just spent the entire day drinking with him and his vac work mates. Great day, Great JJJ hottest 100 countdown. Right now I am back at the backpackers - Golddust Backpackers - still well drunk but trying out my site from a remote machine for the first time. (Hence this post)

Hopefully all goes well when I attempt to post this... (The monitor cuts out in 12mins - $2 for 20mins. That shit is crazy....)

No one is trying to talk to me on MSN - so yeah... - yay for them.

No USB ports on this machine... hopefully thats not the case in all the places around Europe....

First night in a backpackers was not too bad. Not the best nights sleep in the world... but what can you expect for $18. I am really glad I have done this though. Gives me a chance to test out the lifestyle, test out my backpack and the life away from home (even though its only 4 nights).

Not too sure what I will be doing tomorrow. I think I will go for a walk around town. Head over to the meusem and the town lookout. I'll also have a look to see if there is a tour or something for Sat morning. I need to get out to Boulder to see the super pit so we'll see how things go.

Anyway. I will be back in Perth Sunday night - home around 9:30pm - assuming the train is on time. It was about 80mins late on the way here so I don't think there is much luck of it being on time.

Till Sunday night then...

Toohey - default - 796 comments