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I Am in The Netherlands!

The Netherlands!

Last night I landed at Münster Airport. I had a bit of fun reaching the airport but I made it in the end. The circle line tube was not running in the direction I needed so I had to take the long way around in the opposite direction. Then when I finally got to Liverpool Street Station the bus did not have my booking reference number on the list. They didn't seem to be bothered and just said not to worry about it and to get on anyway, no drama! No problems at Stansted airport just showed them my Passport and they gave me my boarding pass. Waited around the airport for about 3 hours until the flight. I had a few pounds/pence in my wallet that I had to use. I had 50 pence in almost all coppers and a 5 pound note. Starbucks! I picked up a Starbucks BLT Sandwich (3.15) and a Tall Coffee Frappuccino (2.35) it was great! Perfect I tell you! Perfect! I left the UK with none of their money!

Overall the UK was great. I'll make up my mind completely after I have seen some of Europe but London is just an insane place. London itself is massive. It's almost the whole Perth Metro area and they call that the city. Theres no real true central bit thats the city like in Perth. Its all just... London. There seemed to be more visitors then locals and there was just so much going on. The whole place is simply huge in every aspect. The 7 day tour was the best thing I did. Eased me into the whole away from home thing very nicely and I met 10 really good people. It was also one of the funnest weeks I've had. The last week back in London was good because Kate was in the same hostel and we walked around doing free stuff - Museums and Galleries. Also was good to get food with someone instead of alone (2 for 1 lunch!) and making dinner for 2 is better then 1. As for the 'whats the deal with kate' comments - I'm the same age as her little brother and that's all that needs to be said. I almost left the UK completely unscathed... unfortunately though something is forever lost somewhere in the UK... A solitary sock... is somewhere in Wales or England.... Very Sad :(

The flight here was over very fast. It was only 45minutes. Got out of the plane SMS'd Sjoerd and he replied saying he just arrived. Went through the little passport stamping booth... All these people ahead of me went straight through. When he scanned my passport and saw I wasn't EU he paused. He asked me if I spoke German (In German of course but I understood what he was on about) I said no and then he asked how long I would be in Germany... I replied with "a few weeks" (The true answer would have been 45minutes) and then had to clarify "2 maybe 3 weeks... just visiting" he took a look at me... got the stamp from his partner and stamped the page and sent me on my way :)... Walked straight through the "nothing to declare" customs and two steps into shaking hands with Sjoerd. Into the car, down road, on the wrong side, with no speed limit and about 50 minutes later arrived here in Enschede.

So here I am. I have my own room with a really nice bed, its almost a double too, I had a shower with a real towel (ohh so soft) and diddo on the toilet paper. Sjoerd and Angela are really nice and their 11 week old baby Merel is cute. Today has been good. I have been able to sleep in and relax. We went for a walk around the place and saw the local area. It's nice to be in another country and not in the main city. I have also been able to use the computer and back up my photos back home.

We had Mexican for dinner. Another good night :) Things are good. I expect to head to Amsterdam Thursday. Will see how plans go over the next few days.

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