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Almost out of Spain!

Oh Spain how I am beginning to loath thee.

Lisbon was great. Hot but not as hot as Madrid but still very sweaty. The city is quite nice. Very interesting layout really built on a bunch of small hills on the edge of the river. The roads are all twisty and turn at odd corners to negotiate the hills. Walking around is not hard but navigating the place is. Lots of steps and steep roads. Still it was a lot more interesting than Madrid. The added bonus of having someone to travel with (Elaina) made it heaps better too.

Travel.... My Gosh... Nightmare past 24hrs. 20 of them were spent in Transit. Finally arriving here in Barcelona, just for the night, 8 hours late. The night train from Lisbon to Madrid stopped for 2 hours (approx.), i guess about 200kms away from Madrid, at some small town train station. We just sat there from about 5am to 7am no idea what was going on. Eventually they told us to get off and get on to buses as a fire on the track up head meant they had no idea when they would be moving. We were in the last section of the train and when we got off we noticed all the other sections were already emtpy. We guess they told everyone slowly to get off and on to buses. Real useful when you have a connection in Madrid. Arrived in Madrid 3.5hours late. Our train to Barcelona was 2 hours after we were meant to arrive... very much already on its way... Found a service lady that gave us a free transfer to the other train station, where the Barcelona trains leave from. Spoke to customer service at that station and then onto the tickets queue. Finally managed to get a connection via Valencia that was leaving at 15:20 (our first train was at 10am). We had to pay another booking fee we were using two trains instead of one but we made it here eventaully. Total waste of the day but at least tonight there is a bed involved.

Tomorrow morning is an early train to France, Montpellier. Then onto Nice. Should get there around 8pm....

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you gonna be in munich for oktoberfest? cos i am, 5 nights of heaven, beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer
damiens brother - 17 07 06 - 16:05

Heya Shawn I should be there on the opening weekend. Ive booked a tour just waiting on there reply.
[Toohey] (Email) - 22 07 06 - 20:38

yeah im there right at the start, i think from the 17th until the 21st or something, might see you in a beer hall or something there, ill be the one with the beer
shaUn - 25 07 06 - 16:02

sure sure, u’ll be the one on the floor! and everyone will be wondering whats going on… then the barkeep will say he doesnt understand u didnt even finish your first beer!! hahahaha
Ryan - 25 07 06 - 16:06

come to think of it, thats probably where benjamin would be, so u might see him there! haha
Ryan - 25 07 06 - 16:09

Sorry about the misspell Shaun. You taking your mobile on roaming or anything like that? Send me an email with more details maybe catch up. As for you Ryan well bleh you might be right.
[Toohey] (Email) - 28 07 06 - 00:15

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