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Survived! Back In London

Made it back! Overall the tour was great! So much fun and so very entertaining.

On Monday night we had a day in Austria and had a big party with a couple live bands. There were close to 500 people from a bunch of other tours and drinks were flowing all night. The bands played great sing along music and everyone was dancing around like crazy and singing pub songs at the top of their voices. I had more then a few beams that night (off the beer for a night) was a very fun night.

Tuesday was back at the ground. Buying souveniers, going on the rides and taking photos. Plus jumping into the Augustiner Beer Hall for a drink before the long 18 hour bus ride back here.

Now I need some good food and some good sleep to recharge.


wait a second here… do i have this right? you have just arrived back in London from Oktoberfest in Germany? yes? Doesnt Oktoberfest get its name from the time of year it is held? so youve just left Oktoberfest and it isnt even Oktober yet… might as well call it Septemberfest..
damien - 21 09 06 - 10:20

Suey - 21 09 06 - 12:42

damien…..you´re a cock! you´re a cock! you´re a cock!
oktoberfest only lasts for 3 days in october, they made it earlier because the weather is better, better weather means better drinking times!!! im up to 19 litres of beer in 4 nights, thats why i am frank the tank
shaun - 21 09 06 - 18:52

yeah damien, geez…..... i didnt realise you were a cock damien, when did you have the operation??
Ryan - 22 09 06 - 13:18

sometime around the 20th September i think.. it certainly makes typing this on my computer difficult..
damien - 22 09 06 - 13:29

what operation did you have? was it something on that hand you fucked up a long time ago or did do something else?? send me an email or something jackass, shaunicus@hotmail.com
shaun - 23 09 06 - 16:34

U idiot…
Suey - 24 09 06 - 11:22

yeah the decision by damien to have the operation was a strange one i admit…but i must say his new appearance does suit him…
jones - 24 09 06 - 11:28

it is true… now the girls want stop hugging him… weird…
Ryan - 28 09 06 - 10:58

on another topic, wtf ben??? where the hell r your photos?!?
Suey - 28 09 06 - 11:35

on yet another topic, how great is it that the eagles are in the grand final???
shaun - 29 09 06 - 00:17

Now there is a good question Suey. I get to Finland on Thursday where I will be able to use my cousins computer for the next month. Photos will be on there way I Promise!
[Toohey] (Email) - 01 10 06 - 18:09

Pfft… Wasn’t much of a win – the eagles still suck…

Yeah you heard me…
Suey - 03 10 06 - 14:02

no respect suey… a sore loser methinks…
Ryan - 04 10 06 - 10:30

U know I’m right…
Suey - 04 10 06 - 13:04

yes actually come to think of it i’ve changed my whole way of thinking now, however could i have thought any different…..............
oh just in case we’re all wondering, sarcasm…
Ryan - 06 10 06 - 15:22

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