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02 October 05 - 12:29Items so far..

Lonely Planet's Europe on a ShoestringWell mum has been real nice and already purchased a few things for my trip! A few months back she got me Lonely Planets - Europe on a Shoestring. Great book, its all I will need, it covers everything.

Secondly she found a nice silk sleep sheet :) I was asking her about making one but she found one at a camping store with a 10% off coupon it was $44. Great stuff!

I also have my iPod and Digital Camera. These two together will be my photo album!

Toohey - ToDo - one comment

22 September 05 - 15:55Im being Slack - Get Passport!

I posted the thought on organising my passport ages ago and i still havn't done it! I picked up the forms at least but the hardest part is the Photos. I know where to get them done but finding the time on a day where im not as bad looking as the previous day is hard :P

This post is more of a "get my butt into gear" post. Self motivation thing. I promise to do it really I do!

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23 August 05 - 22:16No EC Packs in AU!

Thats right! It looks like there are next to none Eagle Creek packs in Australia. No travel packs of theirs at all in WA. They have a couple smaller packs around here but no Continental Journey pack which is what I wanted. After much thought I have decided to scrap the idea of shipping the pack in for myself and have decided to find a different one. At the moment it's looking to be a Caribee Pack. As far as I am aware they are good quality for the price range.
I can get the EC Pack-it range, which I was most concerned about. I need a folder and a couple cubes at least and I've found the shops that sell them :)
I've also been taking a peak at shoes lately too. I went into Shimensons Budget Backpacker and they have heaps of great stuff and and very reasonable prices. I know I'll be headed back there in the future.

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13 August 05 - 15:29Insurance! :( Sadly it's needed.

Unfortunately its a formality. I went into Flight Center the other day and had a quick word to one of the peeps there about how much the flight to London was going to cost, ended up looking at around AUD$1600. It's about what I expected so I guess it's not too bad.
The thing is, when travelling you need insurance! (If you can't afford travel insurance you can't afford to travel!) They had an info booklet on the insurance they go with and man is it expensive. 8 Months in Europe $883 (Thats with a $100 excess).
So, me being an online boy and all. I found World Nomads Backpacker Travel Insurance, it covers everything I'll need and 8 months World Wide Cover (excluding USA, Canda and Japan) is only AUD$348!!! (excess $100)
Sounds too good to be true doesn't it. Well I have done as much research as possible and everything points to positive outcomes, so why pay $540 more for insurance that is over the top.
Yay for the internet and it's ability to make stuff cheaper!

Toohey - ToDo - one comment

07 August 05 - 12:19Passport and Visas

I really need to get a new passport some time soon. I think thats at the top of my list of things to do, next time I get a hair cut I think.
I have also been looking into Visas, I think I'll apply for a UK working holiday visa. I will then have the opportunity to pick up a job and get some of those pounds in my pockets :)
I want to jump across to Russia and I need a visa to get in there, so i'll have to look at that too.

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31 July 05 - 15:32Accessories

Once again I've found the things I need available from Eagle Creek. Pictured is their smart traveler pack. Along with that pack I'm also thinking about:
I think thats about it for items from Eagle Creek. I still have to think about Shoes... It's a big one too, I need to get a really nice pair of hiking boots. Fully enclosed, leather and comfortable... hmm...

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30 July 05 - 18:59Backpack and More

Well, One of the biggest items on my list has to be the backpack. I have read a lot of reviews and have had many ideas. The most useful site I have visited for these decisions and many more has to be Most of the Equipment I have in mind at the moment is made by Eagle Creek Travel Gear. At the moment i have decided on the Continental Journey EC Continental Journey.
It's apparently the perfect size and most airlines allow it as carry on lugage!

Next Step is Packing the Pack!

Im going to be using a combination of:

Perfect arn't they!

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