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31 July 05 - 15:32Accessories

Once again I've found the things I need available from Eagle Creek. Pictured is their smart traveler pack. Along with that pack I'm also thinking about:
I think thats about it for items from Eagle Creek. I still have to think about Shoes... It's a big one too, I need to get a really nice pair of hiking boots. Fully enclosed, leather and comfortable... hmm...

Toohey - ToDo - No comments

30 July 05 - 20:50Backpack Europe on a Budget

Honestly, this has to be the most useful site I have come across!

The site has already provided me with some of the most useful information possible. I can tell aready that a lot of the information from my prepartions page will come from thoughts inspired by information on the site. Big thanks to Kaaryn for creating the page, I am about to become a forum regular :)

Toohey - default - 1127 comments

30 July 05 - 20:19So the Saga Begins!

Horay! Im online!
Huge Thanks to the legends at networking! They got my hosting up in great time with no fuss what so ever! Im sure i'll be donating more as soon as i've smoothed out the site to my liking!
SO! whats this all about then?
This site is my plan! The plan to get to europe and have the exprience of a lifetime.and The plan to keep family and friends up to date with that experience.
For the moment ill be making most of my posts under the preperations log, as that is of course the stage im in. I have lots of thoughts on where i would like this site to go and hopefully some info I end up posting will be useful to other people. I think i might add a Locations log too, places i'd like to see ect. ect.
We'll see what happens i guess :) ...

Toohey - default - No comments

30 July 05 - 18:59Backpack and More

Well, One of the biggest items on my list has to be the backpack. I have read a lot of reviews and have had many ideas. The most useful site I have visited for these decisions and many more has to be Most of the Equipment I have in mind at the moment is made by Eagle Creek Travel Gear. At the moment i have decided on the Continental Journey EC Continental Journey.
It's apparently the perfect size and most airlines allow it as carry on lugage!

Next Step is Packing the Pack!

Im going to be using a combination of:

Perfect arn't they!

Toohey - ToDo - No comments