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15 December 06 - 09:17Home!

I have made it home!

After some fun flying from Texas via London I made it home yesterday around 9am.

Calling people and not getting answers is rather annoying... but anyway. I have so much stuff to do in but at the moment I am just trying to catch up with people and ignore all my post trip stuff for the moment.

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05 December 06 - 05:04When am I coming home?

Thats a good question isn't it. Well... I am still in Texas and will still be here next week. I then have to fly to London, waste some more time in the expensive wonderland of England's capital, then fly to Bangkok, waste more then several hours in a bland airport and then, finally, fly home. I guess from Texas to London to Bangkok to Perth could theoretically be done in two days (time zone changes included) however three days is more realistic (realistic but still thats quite insane). Therfore the smart thing would be to break things up by staying in London for a couple days.

Now I'm just blabbering arn't I... Well... thats because I'm not saying the exact date I am getting home. It's a secret. (Either that or I don't know because flights from London to Perth are close to full, at this time of year, and I havn't booked a seat and am on a waiting list (I'm not that stupid... am I?)). Heh.

Ok so. Im in Texas next week and I will be home before... hmmm... the 25th of December. Don't worry I'll be home before then, trust me, I think.

Who know's one day I might just turn up on the doorstep of that house called home.

(watch for changes in the "Currently In" image scroll-over text above.)

Lets see some comments for bets on when I will arrive home :)

Toohey - default - eleven comments

28 November 06 - 00:57Thanksgiving and the past two weeks

The past two weeks have been good, full of sights and good food.

If anyone is interested at exactly where I have been staying in Texas I am in Smithville and will be until I head back to London.  I have been keeping myself busy during the day (when Elaina is at work) by watching American TV. During the weekends and other available days I have been seeing parts of Texas. I have seen a bit of Austin, San Marcos and the small towns inbetween. On the weekend of the 17th we went to San Antonio for the weekend. Home of the Alamo.

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving. On Wednesday we jumped in the car and drove 10 hours to Arkansas just southwest of Little Rock. My first thanksgiving experience was as to be expected from watching movies and TV. Lots of food and family talking and eating. I got to experience some nice southern food and always had a full stomach for the few days we were there. On the Friday we went out saw Hot Springs, famous for its water, the Arlington Hotel (an Al Capone fav) and the old bathhouses. Saturday was the drive home. We took a different way home and went south just to say we went through Louisiana. We were going to stop half way, somewhere in Texas, but ended up driving on making it home late that night.

That is about it for what has happened. Over all my US experience has been pretty good. Its surreal driving on the Interstate, staying in a Motel, going into Wal Mart and seeing all those drive in places (fast food, pharmacy and bank just to name a few) it's just like being in a Movie or on TV.

As for plans for the next couple weeks. We should be heading south to the coast and checking out the space center near Houston. There is also the thought of jumping into Mexico for a couple hours but who knows.

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12 November 06 - 02:35Arrived in Texas

Well I arrived here in Texas last night. All went very well with the flights and the US border patrol in Atlanta. I even managed to change to an earlier flight from Atlanta to Austin. I did not have to wait 4.5hrs in the Atlanta airport because luckily the 6:45pm flight to austin was delayed which meant I could scrap a seat on it :) was very lucky.

Elaina was waiting at the airport and all is good. I am running on a strange timezone thing at the moment though. Tired. Very Tired. Oh well. :)

Toohey - default - six comments

09 November 06 - 13:51Heading for Texas

Today I leave Tampere and catch a flight to London. Tomorrow yet another flight to Austin, Texas.

Im headed there for a month will be spending the time with Elaina. 

I never expected to be headed to the US and never thought I would. So much for a european trip.

Toohey - default - one comment

31 October 06 - 21:24The good the bad and the snow...

The last couple days have been very... exciting, emotional, taxing... its hard to put into words.

Early yesterday morning I received news from home. My grandfather passed away. Rest in Peace Grandad, you were a great man. My thoughts and emotions are certainly with all my family back home and it is difficult because I am so far away.

Shortly after receiving the phonecall, from my mum, my cousins wife went into labour. The baby finally being born 31 hours later around 830 this morning.

It snowed for the first time a couple days ago and it is snowing right now. I just got back from a walk around the lake. What you could call my first real snow experience.

From doing very little in Finland things certainly changed very quickly.

Toohey - default - No comments

23 October 06 - 01:01Slack slack slack....

Arn't I just.

Oh well. Such as having the ability to sit around and do nothing after being on the move for such a long time.

I have finally bothered to upload a couple pictures out of the thousands I have. It's only a few but still better then nothing. Most of the pictures I have are of buildings and landscapes and such. Great for printing and framing but not too much fun if you havn't been there. I might through some up later but for now I have just selected some with my head and a famous thing plus a few from Oktoberfest.

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08 October 06 - 03:33Finland once again

Well If you havn't already guessed I arrived safely in Finland. Back with my cousin and his wife. 

Hopefully over the next few weeks ill get my act together in regards to my photo gallery and spend some time catching up on certain things I have missed while I have been traveling.

As for the continuing arguments about the AFL. Suey you are wrong. That settles that.

Toohey - default - eight comments

01 October 06 - 18:23The land of the Irish

Finally I have access to some internet with a decent keyboard! I can type at more then 3 words per minute now!


I had a great time chilling out in Bristol. Spend the week doing very english things. Watching Football at the Pub, drinking at the Pub, drinking tea, eating crumpets and even having a proper cooked english breakfast. I even got the chance to get out to see Stonehenge last Monday. Saw the pub in which Treasure Island was written and another old pub with a door, apparently, made with human skin. England being England it rained a bit and so we went to the cinema. Funnily enough we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest.

Arrived here in Dublin last night. Spent the night in a cheap but nothing special hostel. Tonight and the next three nights I am in a much better one. It even has free internet. Hence the posting :)

Now... I must get out to the Guinness Factory. If it stops raining long enough... Maybe tomorrow.

Oh... I know my Gallery is severally lacking... I arrive in Finland on Thursday and will be able to use a great connection to finally update that section. I have so many photos :/

Toohey - default - one comment

20 September 06 - 19:52Survived! Back In London

Made it back! Overall the tour was great! So much fun and so very entertaining.

On Monday night we had a day in Austria and had a big party with a couple live bands. There were close to 500 people from a bunch of other tours and drinks were flowing all night. The bands played great sing along music and everyone was dancing around like crazy and singing pub songs at the top of their voices. I had more then a few beams that night (off the beer for a night) was a very fun night.

Tuesday was back at the ground. Buying souveniers, going on the rides and taking photos. Plus jumping into the Augustiner Beer Hall for a drink before the long 18 hour bus ride back here.

Now I need some good food and some good sleep to recharge.

Toohey - default - sixteen comments